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正版挂牌 After “I Do” Wedding Dress Veil


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What did you do with your veil/wedding dress? Do you have any plans for it?

I have passed my hair flower on to two other bees so far! (The netting part detached from the flower.) Mrs. Frozen Yogurt lent it to her sister/MOH to wear during her wedding, and Mrs. Veggie borrowed it for hers! I’m not sure what the fate of my flower is now, but I love the idea of it being passed on to even more brides!

As for my wedding dress, many of you know that Mrs. Stripes wore it for her gorgeous wedding. You may also remember that I got to wear it again for a “trash the dress” session in Vegas (photographed by the fab Ms. Fondue!). I’m so glad that someone else was able to get some use out of it. I also have some secret plans in store for the dress that I hope to share with the hive soon!

I wish I knew what to do with my dress. Originally, when I first bought it, I thought I might want to sell it after the wedding. But Mr E’s reaction? “Nooooo! It’s special!” And, over time, I grew very attached to it and didn’t want to sell it either. Then I thought I might do a “trash the dress.” Nothing too drastic, maybe some puddle-jumping, that sort of thing. But, since the wedding, I can’t even bear the thought of that. I’m a wimp. My friend wore her wedding dress out to dinner every anniversary for seven years until pregnancy stole her wedding-day body. I like that idea…but I dont know if Palmerston North is cool enough to handle me traipsing around like that on my anniversary. So, for now, the dress is all cosy in a nice acid-free box. Maybe my daughter will want to play dress-up in it one day….

Oh, and my veil? That’s easy. I work/study from home, so I wear it sometimes at my desk It’s my good luck charm while typing up heinous essays… Other people do that, right? I can’t be the only one!

I got married in 2008 and my dress is still dirty and hanging in our coat closet. I can’t bring myself to spend the $$$ to have it cleaned and I still haven’t decided whether I’ll keep it forever or sell it (although it’s a design from 2006, and I feel like I just need to let go of the idea of selling it)!

Truthfully, I intend to clean it. I just don’t feel like draining hundreds of dollars cleaning a garment that I will never wear again. It’s like I’m torn in sentiment limbo—I care about it enough to keep it, but not enough to pay to clean it.

I need help.

I always planned on selling my dress—I don’t feel terribly sentimental about it. But nobody wants it! Do you want it? Feel free to contact me. On a more serious note—I had always looked forward to shopping for a wedding dress, and I guess I’m already imposing expectations on any daughter that I will have and assume that she will want that experience as well. Plus, while I really liked my dress, I don’t think it’s *that* special that she’ll want to wear it.

I’ve always had a romantic vision in my head when I think about my wedding dress, and I was pretty much sure from day one that I would keep it. My mom still has hers, and she puts it on every year for my dad on their anniversary! Thus, I kept my dress and veil.

My dress is cleaned and sitting in a ridiculously large box in my parents’s cedar-lined closet (thanks Mom and Dad!). My veil hasn’t been so lucky… it’s currently mushed up in my old bedroom closet.

Like Mrs. Pug, I absolutely always planned to sell my dress. It’s a beautiful dress, but I don’t tend to get attached to things, and I’d rather someone enjoy it (and recoup some of my budget) than have it sit in my closet with nothing to do. After all, I’m never going to put it on again. (So… please buy my dress?)

Mama Spaniel gave away my veil while I stored it at her house. Hmph.

Eek. Two years later, and it is still in the back of my closet, dirty, with my Mom’s veil. Yikes. I at least need to do something with the veil. My honest hope is to keep them—I got rid of almost everything else wedding related.

I haven’t done anything with mine yet. It’s pretty gross from our day-after session, but it hasn’t been cleaned yet. Currently it’s sitting at my parents’ house waiting on me to make a decision. More than likely, I’ll end up keeping it—I have very vivid memories of being horribly disappointed that my mom didn’t have her wedding dress because I wanted to play with it. I don’t want to disappoint my (hypothetical and way far in the future) daughter like that, so I’ll probably keep it!

And the veil? I spent less than $20 on it, so I’m not too concerned with selling it. To be completely honest, I don’t even know where it is. Oops?

I cleaned + had a preservation kit done on my dress. I have no idea what to do with it because it is a David’s Bridal one of a kind. It was a tester that never went to mass production so I feel like it’s kind of special. I could sell it and get a good price, or I could keep it preserved at my parent’s house for safe keeping until my own daughter gets married someday. I’ve never seen anything like it so that’s definitely an option. For now, it’s in limbo, perfectly cleaned and preserved at the back of my childhood closet…

I had my dress cleaned (like a year after the wedding) and packed in a preservation box. I have no intention of ever wearing it again or expectation that any future daughter might want to wear it, but I loooove old things. My mom still has her dress,马报图, and I remember that magical feeling of going back in time the first time I saw it, which was only amplified even more seeing even older dresses that belonged to my ancestors. We even have my great-great-great grandfather’s civil war uniform! Needless to say, I come from a family of sentimental savers, so that in and of itself is reason enough for me to keep it!

My veil is another story…I had always planned to have it packed up with my dress, but for some reason it didn’t go in the box when I mailed it off. And then…I found it…in the back of my closet…shredded to pieces by my cat. I had it custom made with hand-picked lace to match my dress and you can bet I cried. I still tell myself almost 4 years after the wedding that one of these days I’m going to take it back to the place that made it for me and have them re-make it with the existing lace (virtually all of the lace was fine; she just shredded the tulle.) It might end up being a little shorter overall, but it would be basically the same. But I’ve never even called them to see how much it would cost, so who knows if I’ll ever do it now…which breaks my heart. Man, I loved that veil!!

I don’t feel so bad now that I haven’t gotten my gown cleaned yet, seeing as I’m in good company. I’m considering selling it (once I get it cleaned)—living in NYC, storage space is a hot commodity and besides, I’m not particularly sentimental about it. Additionally, I doubt my future daughter (if I have one) would want to wear it. And I don’t want to get all “Whaaa, I kept this gown in Manhattan Storage for 30 years and you don’t WANT it??” on her. So yeah, I’ll probably sell it. Eventually.

I’m keeping mine, for sure! I had it cleaned and it’s now chilling in my parents’ closet and will probably stay there until we move out of the shoebox we live in now. I’m a pack rat and a sucker for sentimentality, not to mention that out of all the wedding purchases and events, my dress was by FAR my favorite thing about the wedding. Seriously, it’s right up there with actually GETTING married, that’s how much I love my dress. I’m kind of crushed that I never get to wear it again!

I didn’t have a veil, but my dress is still hanging on the inside of the closet door where I hung it up after the wedding…1.5 years ago. I know I should get it dry cleaned or something…but I don’t think I’ll have it preserved. Then I’m not really sure what I’ll do. Since it isn’t a “wedding dress” per se, I don’t think it’s worth trying to sell (I paid less than $200 in the first place). Some people have suggested I dye it a different color and keep wearing it (a la Sherry at Young House Love), but I am unsure of how well that would work with the type of fabric it’s made of.

Here I was, feeling incredibly guilty about the fact that my dress is still hanging slightly dirty in the back of our closet, when it seems I’m not even remotely alone in that! Oh, I feel so much better! Haha, thanks, ladies.

I’m keeping my dress because, like Trail Mix, I absolutely adore it. There’s no way I could let it go. Hopefully, I’ll get my butt in gear and get it preserved soon. Maybe this is the kick in the ass I need.

My two veils are carefully folded and stored under the bed. I have hopes that my little sisters will wear them someday—in fact, when my older little sister (who was my flower girl) was visiting recently, we took them out and played dress-up with them. It was really fun.

My dress is still dirty and in the back of my closet. I don’t know what happened to my birdcage veil. I think my mom might have it, or I lost it at the reception when I took it off. Oops. I had hoped to do a trash the dress in our first year of marriage, but that dream seems to be quickly fading. Other than that, I have no plans. It’s a bit sad. I feel bad for the dress and definitely want to pull it out and take a spin in it.

After the wedding, I had my dress cleaned, wore it for a few photo shoots and then put it away in a nice box. After that, I sold my veil to a WB reader and I’ve put my dress up for sale a couple of times. I’m still thinking of selling my dress… I just need to find the right person to buy it. I admit, I get a bit sad when I take it out of the closet and think of selling it. But let’s be realistic, I’m not doing anything with it anymore!

I don’t think I can bring myself to sell her,正版挂牌, especially since I had pretty major, personalized alterations done. But that probably means I need to do something with it, currently hanging from a door in our apartment. Almost eight months and counting!

I suppose until I have my dream wedding-dress pub crawl (which has garnered a lot of interest!), she’ll stay right where she is. I also can’t fathom forking over the funds to clean it now, but I probably will at some point. It’s just not a huge priority.

My birdcage veil is tucked away in a felt bag, in a box with some other wedding items. I guess there’s a chance I could wear it to a fancy-dress party of some kind, but for now, it’ll stay right there with the wedding stuff.

After my day after shoot which was about 1 month after the wedding, I got my dress cleaned and packed up. I never had the intention of selling it… I don’t know I have this sentimental attachement to my dress that I can’t let it go. I know I will never wear it again (honestly I never even put it on again) but I want to keep it. Ask me why, I can’t say.

I don’t expect my future daughter or daughter in law to wear my dress, and I don’t plan on using it to make a Christening dress if I had a girl. So really… maybe so it can be used for playing dress up?! I remember wearing my mom’s dress and her heels and pretend we were princesses (my sister and I)

My veil, I also kept… I would love to hand that down (since it’s a pretty classic)

My veil will stick around the West Coast until after my sister’s wedding and then head off to the next cousin to be married (if they want to wear it). I absolutely love the history of the veil and I love that it’s been worn by past members of our family and it will be worn by future brides in our family.

As for my dress, I had it cleaned and now it’s hanging up at my parent’s house. I’ll grab it at some point (one nice part is that it doesn’t take up too much room in the closet), and as for right now I’m planning on keeping it. My mom’s dress was worn by multiple other members of my extended family, and even if a future daughter doesn’t want to wear it, I like the idea of having the material for something else in the future.

It’s been six months and it is sitting in my closet and I have no idea what to do with it. My sister and I planned to do a joint trash the dress and are still considering it, so I’ve been holding onto it for that. If we don’t go through with that, I’m not sure if I’ll sell it or keep it.

I’m really, really surprised at myself about my attitude about my wedding dress. I am not typically sentimental about objects & things (unlike Mr. Octo, who I swear would eventually end up on Hoarders if I were not in his life). I like purging clutter and really don’t keep a whole lot of stuff, and I absolutely anticipated that after the wedding I’d be eager to see if I could sell my dress and get a little money back. Well, I went home to my parents’ house about two months after our wedding, decided to take a look at my dress (it’s hanging in the closet in my old bedroom), unzipped the bag, and melted. Like, a full on, misty, “awwwwwwww, it’s my wedding dress!” I NEVER DO THAT! Anyway, I’m just in a state of limbo with the dress right now. No real reason to keep it, but can’t quite let go of it yet. We’ll see.

As for my gorgeous cathedral veil? I am so kicking myself for this, but I have absolutely no idea where it is or what happened to it. I wore it for our ceremony, took it off for portraits because it was so long and unwieldy, handed it to someone, and have never seen it since. I really wish I knew where it was…I would totally put it on and wear it around the house from time to time.

My dress was cleaned, and is currently hanging up in the closet. I gave my veil to my SIL to wear when she married my brother…and am not sure where it ended after that. Not really sentimental about the veil- I only decided I wanted one shortly before the wedding- but I loved my dress.

Part of me wants to get it shortened and dyed (maybe navy blue or red?). Actually, I should really look into that, as I could really use another fantastic cocktail dress. If this is something I end up doing, I will let the hive know how it turns out.

Wow, I feel SO much better about my dress situation! That’s because like many of the bees before me, it’s sitting in a bag in the closet, dirty and we are just days away from our one year anniversary. I struggled with what to do with my dress, but ultimately I think I want to sell it. I don’t know why I haven’t listed it yet. As for my veil, I plan to keep it. I was able to use my mom’s wedding veil around my blooms?so maybe my daughter (if we have one) will want to do the same.

Like so many others, my dress is sitting in my (verysmallweliveinNYC!) closet taking up a lot of room but I love it, and very much intend to save it! I would love to figure out a way to alter it so that I can wear it regularly, but I haven’t been moving too quickly on that front (step 1: get it cleaned and repaired).

My veil has already been in another wedding, and I would love to continue to lend it to my friends and family for their special days—it made me feel all warm and fuzzy to see it in action again!

I didn’t have a veil, so I suppose that’s not going to be an issue! As far as dresses, I gave the long one back to the shop it was gifted to me from, so they can use it as a sample gown. Honestly, I don’t even feel sad about it. I don’t know what else I could have done with it! For my short dress, I think I’m going to dye it a la Young House Love’s Sherry. I haven’t decided on a color yet, but it’ll be very exciting to be able to wear it out on our anniversary!

Mine was donated to Brides Against Breast Cancer.?I loved my gown, but it wasn’t expensive ($225 on eBay) so I didn’t see any reason to keep it as a treasure or sell it to recoup costs. I love to imagine some other bride wearing it joyously at her own wedding, and it’s nice to know the purchase price helped other women in need.

As for the veil, I had planned to donate it to a local wedding resource (St. Anthony’s Bridal)?along with our silk flowers and some other assorted wedding supplies. But I didn’t protect it properly after the wedding, and some of the delicate beading was ruined. Luckily, again, no need to mourn the loss of a $10 eBay purchase… I imagine now the veil will become a fabulous dress-up item when our daughter gets a little older!

Another one for the “dirty & hanging in the closet” camp. Mine has been relegated to the back of my closet, taking up lots and lots of space. Surprisingly, after walking through torrential rain and mud, it’s not really all that dirty! Anyway, I’m saving mine to cut up (!) and eventually make into a christening gown for our first child. I like the idea of using fabric from my wedding gown, plus it will be a lot easier to store a christening gown that’s 1/20th the size of my wedding gown to look at when I’m feeling sentimental.

As for my veil, it’s currently in the process of being a “something borrowed” to another bride that frequents the hive.

Right now my dress (almost 4 years old now) is still wrapped in a sheet in my plasticy garment bag, up on the top shelf of my daughter’s closet (the only space available to lay it out flat). I had planned on preserving it, but then I wondered for what reason? I didn’t even really like my dress all that much. So, until I can decide for sure that I want to spend the money to preserve it, then it’ll stay up there.

My veil was part of my “borrowed” ensemble. It was lent to me by my cousin’s wife, who I have become very close to in the last few years. It matched my dress perfectly, and I loved it. I was kind of sad to have to give it back, but she has a daughter, so it’s only fair she get to wear it, too.

Riiiiight… Mine is still hanging in the closet and I haven’t looked at it since I took it off the night of my wedding. I honestly can’t decide what to do with it. Part of me thinks I should donate it. Part of me thinks I should suck it up and spend the $250ish to dry clean and preserve it. I’m paralyzed with indecision.

Oh, my dress. From the get-go I said that I would absolutely, 100% want to sell my dress. And for the most part I still feel that way. However, we are quickly closing in on our 1 year anniversary, and the darn thing is still hanging on the outside of our closet door where we hung it the day after the wedding. Do you know what that means? We haven’t been able to shut our closet door for almost a year. What is wrong with me???

Ideally, I would like to get some more pictures in my wedding dress before selling it. Honestly, I don’t feel like there was a single photo of JUST ME in my dress…looking gorgeous (which can go hand in hand with “what are your biggest regrets about the wedding day”). If I manage to get some killer new photos, I have a feeling I’ll be ready and willing to part with it if I can find someone who wants it/fits into it! Any takers???

I’m still undecided about what to do with my dress. Part of me wants to sell it because I’m never going to wear it again and it’s just taking up space, but the other part of me is scared that if I sell it I’ll regret not having it. Dilemma. So, while I’m deciding, it’s currently hanging in our closet, uncleaned and unbagged. I should probably get on that.

My veil, on the other hand, is here:

Hanging on a silhouette mirror on our staircase. I love it, although I do kind of feel like a creeper with a wedding shrine…

Our life was such a whirlwind after the wedding, between our European honeymoon and moving to the East Coast. To be honest, I haven’t given my dress/veil a thought since the wedding! I’m pretty sure they’re hanging in a closet at my parents’ house. (Or maybe Mr. Turtle’s parents’ house?) Should probably figure this out, haha! As far as future plans for them, I definitely can’t imagine wearing them again! But I’ll probably end up keeping both dress and veil around so my future daughter(s) at least have the option to do what they wish with them. Even if my dress is too “retro” to wear in 30 years, I’ll be so touched if I have a daughter interested in re-purposing it, like I did with my mom’s dress.

Mine is at my MIL’s house. ssshhhhhh—don’t remind her.

I am in the process of dyeing my (borrowed) dress so that I can return it to the amazingly generous Mrs. Mouse. That was part of our deal and I’ve been a very bad bee in taking so long to get on with it already! Sorry Mouse, don’t hate me! I promise it’s coming soon!

As for my veil—I’m sharing the love! It’s currently hanging in Philly with Miss Sloth, waiting to adorn her oh-so-pretty head on her wedding day. Very excited and honored!


What did you do with your veil/wedding dress?

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